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BIOTURM head office: wooden house in Marienrachdorf, Westerwald

BIOTURM head office: wooden house in Marienrachdorf, Westerwald.

Where we come from

The company BIOTURM GmbH is based in the Westerwald and was founded in 2001 by Martin Evers, who has about 30 years of experience in the business of organic food and organic cosmetics. As an organic pioneer, he is involved right from the beginning, first as managing director of “Martin Evers Naturkost”, later he additionally was responsible for the company “Bruno Fischer Naturkost”. He did a lot of research and tests with organic food and dairy products and rapidly recognized that the components of organic whey particularly comply with the skin. Further research lead to the lacto-intensive active complex. From the beginning until today, the company policy and mutual cooperation is based on Christian values.

What is the origin of the name BIOTURM?

BIOTURM owes its name to a historical water tower standing on the company site. BIOTURM is the combination of Bio and Turm (German word for tower). The tower stands as a symbol of vision, stability and protection. The image is not burdened with prejudices and can be filled with our dreams and visions – for example with our slogan “helps the skin to heal”. Both parts of the name are important, at first the word “Bio” which shows the classification into certified organic cosmetics but also the word “tower” as a symbol like mentioned above. Our brand stands for medical organic cosmetics for all people having problematic skin (dry skin, allergic skin, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, acne etc.).

Water tower in Marienrachdorf from which the company derived its name

Water tower in Marienrachdorf from which the company derived its name.

The lacto-intensive active complex

Until today, the lacto-intensive active complex is the effective base of many of the BIOTURM products – ointments, creams, lotions up to intimate line and shampoos. The complex is made of certified organic whey and contains many ingredients which can be found in a similar composition in the natural skin milieu: whey proteins and amino acids, lactic acid and its salts, minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates and vitamins. Thus, already the base of the products is compliant with the skin and very well tolerated. It causes a normalisation of the skin flora and the acid mantle. Natural lactic acid, essential amino acids, trace elements etc. are well absorbed by the skin and normalise the skin's moisture level. The skin gets what it needs to become and to stay healthy.

The first products

Everything started with these first products based on the lacto-intensive active complex: ointment for dry skin, hydrolotion and lipidlotion. It was quickly realized that these products correspond with the skin’s requirements very well; they became most popular among people suffering from problematic skin giving them long-lasting relief.

The first Bioturm products.


Enlargement of the product range

In the following years, the successful range was gradually expanded.

Meanwhile the BIOTURM team has developed a range of far more than 100 cleansing and care products and is constantly looking for additional ones helping the skin to heal.

Our aim is – also with all our new products – to offer a natural but effective alternative to conventional products for people who are suffering from skin problems. We think our success proves us right; many customers follow us right from the beginning and do not want to miss their BIOTURM organic cosmetics anymore.

The future

Together with his wife Karin, Martin realizes his vision of products helping to increase well-being of people and to treat the environment responsibly. Meanwhile, their daughters Jasmin and Laura also joined the company after her pharmacy und business administration studies. They would like to follow the direction their parents started more than 15 years ago and continue to offer certified natural cosmetics helping the clients with effective products.


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