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Naturkosmetik Cleansing milk No.10

Cleansing milk No.10


14,95 *

200 ml
7,48 / 100 ml

Mild cleaning for sensitive skin and therapy-related care in case of neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Naturkosmetik Hydrating lotion No.2

Hydrating lotion No.2


16,95 *

200 ml
8,48 / 100 ml

Lotion with urea and panthenol for dry skin with a lack of moisture. Normalises the skin: irritations, redness and tense feeling of the skin subside.

Naturkosmetik Ointment with zinc No.30

Ointment with zinc No.30


11,95 *

50 ml
23,90 / 100 ml

The highly effective ointment with 10 % zinc in a light consistency for damaged or weeping skin areas, spots and pimples as well as for the nappy area.


Naturkosmetik Oil-whey bath sensitive No.116

Oil-whey bath sensitive No.116


2,95 *

30 ml
9,83 / 100 ml

Skin soothing care bath with organic sunflower oil and the lacto-intensive active complex for sensitive and stressed skin!

Naturkosmetik Family shampoo & shower gel No.20

Family shampoo & shower gel No.20


15,95 *

500 ml
31,90 / 1.000 ml

Mild cleaning as 2-in1 product for the whole family!

Naturkosmetik Cream with organic camomile No.35

Cream with organic camomile No.35


12,45 *

100 ml
12,45 / 100 ml

The universal cream for hand- and skincare. Mild and calming care for a smooth skin feeling.

Naturkosmetik Ointment for dry skin No.1

Ointment for dry skin No.1


10,95 *

50 ml
21,90 / 100 ml

Complete care for all stressed skin areas, especially for therapy-related care of neurodermatitis, psoriasis and dry to very dry skin.

Naturkosmetik Ointment with marigold No.31

Ointment with marigold No.31


11,95 *

50 ml
23,90 / 100 ml

The classical product for babycare, hand care and all-weather care regenerates irritated, sensible and dry skin.

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