Our skin care recommendations for psoriasis


Skin appearance:

  • dry and alipoid
  • varying strong itching, tears and scratched skin areas which are often inflamed
  • the skin's content of urea is about 40 % lower compared to normal skin
  • elbows, knees, region around the genitals are particularly often affected
  • healing is usually from the centre
  • hypersensitivity to chemical, physical and mechanical stimuli

In the acute stage:

  • scaly and coarse skin surface, tendancy for small tears
  • red, raised plaques with sharp margins
  • covered by big silvery scales
  • scales are loose and can be easily removed which might cause punctiform bleedings

Affected persons:

  • 1 - 2 % of all Europeans
  • mainly light-skinned persons
  • mostly appears in the second half of life


General information:


Psoriasis is a global skin disease known for a long time which mainly affects light-skinned persons. It is probably caused by a genetically determined disfunction of the immune system. About 1 - 2 % of all Europeans are affected. Psoriasis often appears in the second half of life and occurs in stages. Sometimes these stages depend on the season (increased occurence in spring and autumn).
Most frequent areas affected are hairline, elbows, knees as well as the region around the genitals, sometimes also the whole body. During the acute phase, the areas concerned show red, raised plaques with sharp margins (the content of urea in this region is reduced by about 40 %) covered by big, silvery scales. These scales are loose and can be easily removed which might cause punctiform bleedings.

Between the acute bouts, the skin is extremely dry and sensitive. Therefore consequent care of the skin is also important during this stage.

Besides intensive skin care during all stages of psoriasis, affected people should keep in mind the following points:

  • Strengthening of the immune system to extend the symptom-free phases.
  • A complete nutrition avoiding acid producers and food additives to detoxify and stabilize the immune system.
  • Using organic detergents without fabric softener, prefering organic cleaning agents to avoid sensitising substances.
  • Clothes made of cotton, linen or silk are more pleasant for the skin suffering from psoriasis than synthetic or wool fabrics.
  • Avoiding stress, because it can be the reason for an acute bout.

BIOTURM offers different care products which are especially adapted to take care of skin suffering from psoriasis.


 For cleansing
BIOTURM natural cosmetics - Cleansing milk

Cleansing milk No.10

Mild cleaning for sensitive skin and therapy-related care in case of neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

BIOTURM natural cosmetics - Intimate wash gel

Intimate wash gel No.26

Mild wash gel with the same effect like the proven wash foam. Ideal on the way, in a reclosable bottle.

BIOTURM natural cosmetics - Shampoo dry and scaly scalp

Shampoo dry and scaly scalp No.15

In case of dry and small dandruff - helps to regenerate dry, itchy and sensitive scalp.

For therapy-related care in the acute stage
BIOTURM natural cosmetics - Intensive ointment

Intensive Ointment No.4

Powerful support of therapy-related care in case of psoriasis. High-quality extracts from Centella asiatica (tiger grass) help to care for reddened and scaly skin areas.

BIOTURM natural cosmetics - Silver ointment

Silver ointment No.33

Therapy-related care for all skin problems with chapped skin, reddened and itchy skin (e. g. in case of neurodermatitis, acne, herpes, allergic skin etc.).


BIOTURM natural cosmetics - Silver lotion

Silver lotion No.36

A light lotion with micro silver for large-area application - therapy-related care in case of neurodermatitis and psoriasis.


BIOTURM Schisandra-Salbe

Ointment with schisandra No.58

Schisandra is a traditional chinese medical plant, together with sage extract it reduces redness and irritations and regenerates damaged skin areas.

 For care in the symptom-free stage
BIOTURM natural cosmetics - Lotion 10 % urea

Lotion 10 % urea No.6

Lotion for daily care in case of extremely dehydrated and coarse skin and for therapy-related care especially in the case of psoriasis.


BIOTURM natural cosmetics - Hydrating lotion

Hydrating lotion No.2

Lotion with urea and panthenol for dry skin with a lack of moisture. Normalises the skin: irritations, redness and tense feeling of the skin subside.

BIOTURM natural cosmetics - Lipid lotion

Lipid lotion No.3

Rich care for dry skin with a lack of lipid and for therapy-related care in case of neurodermatitis and psoriasis.



BIOTURM natural cosmetics - Ointment for dry skin

Ointment for dry skin No.1

Complete care for all stressed skin areas, especially for therapy-related care of neurodermatitis, psoriasis and dry to very dry skin.


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