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We have been looking for a special and meaningful design for our fragrance line which consists of six body butters and shower gels until now. It was important for us to find a dynamic design, which reflects more than the qualities of application but which also shows cultural aspects.

We have chosen the artist Marcel Duchamp (1887 - 1968) and his Rotoreliefs. With these Rotoreliefs Duchamp anticipates an art movement which became popular in the 1960s and 70s as "OP-Art" and which is nowadays again popular beyond a young generation of artists. The strong fascination for dynamic and movement linked to the always surprising charms of optical illusions seems unbroken even today - almost 80 years after Duchamp's invention.

Apart from the design, it is self-evident for us that skin care and cleansing products have to be of best quality. It is a challenging and promising experiment to ensure that they are able to express a certain cultural aspect to which they owe their quality - and we love to dedicate ourselves to this.

Body butter

Naturkosmetik Body cream vanilla No.60

Body cream vanilla No.60

The tender-melting body care - surrounds the body with a hint of vanilla!

Naturkosmetik Body cream pomegranate No.61

Body cream pomegranate No.61

Provides for a soft skin feeling and a fruity fresh fragrance of pomegranate.

Naturkosmetik Body cream rose No.62

Body cream rose No.62

High-quality body care with the noble fragrance of roses.

Naturkosmetik Body cream moringa No.63

Body cream moringa No.63

Easily absorbing body care with the tropical freshness of the moringa tree.

Naturkosmetik Body cream coco No.64

Body cream coco No.64

A touch of the Caribbean: Our Body cream with the exotic fragrance of coconut.

Naturkosmetik Body cream mango No.65

Body cream mango No.65

The tender-melting body care - surrounds the body with a hint of the tropical fruity fragrance of mango!

Shower gels

Naturkosmetik Shower gel vanilla No.70

Shower gel vanilla No.70

Surrounds your body with a hint of vanilla.

Naturkosmetik Shower gel pomegranate No.71

Shower gel pomegranate No.71

Mild cleaning with a fruity fresh fragrance of pomegranate.

Naturkosmetik Shower gel rose No.72

Shower gel rose No.72

The fragrance of noble rose feels like taking a shower in the garden.

Naturkosmetik Shower gel moringa No.73

Shower gel moringa No.73

Velvety soft skin feeling with a tropical fresh fragrance of moringa.

Naturkosmetik Shower gel coco No.74

Shower gel coco No.74

For an exotic start into the day.

Naturkosmetik Shower gel mango No.75

Shower gel mango No.75

Mild skin care with a tropical fruity fragrance of mango.

Naturkosmetik Shower gel lemon No.76

Shower gel lemon No.76

Mild cleaning with the fresh scent of lemon.

Naturkosmetik Shower gel juniper No.77

Shower gel juniper No.77

Covers your body with a herbal scent of juniper berry.

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