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Intimate wash gel No.26

Intimate wash for on the way.

The genital area is populated with lactic acid bacteria which protect against pathogens by an acidic pH value. If this protection system is perturbed (e. g. by using wash lotions with a high pH value), pathogens can penetrate or mycosis may occur.

The intimate wash gel No.26 contains an especially high concentration of the lacto-intensive active complex and thus a high lactic acid content which preserves the natural intimate flora. Traditional, high quality organic extracts of camomile and calendula calm irritations and redness in the genital area.

Whether you are using the liquid Intimate wash gel or the tender Intimate wash foam No.25 in an economical dispenser - both BIOTURM intimate products have the same active ingredients and help to prevent from problems in the genital area already when washing.

The Intimate ointment No.27 provides for additional care. It has a regenerating effect and avoids redness and irritations in the intimate area.

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