Ointment for dry skin No.1

Complete care for all stressed and irritated skin areas.

Stressed and itchy skin might have many reasons: neurodermatitis, psoriasis, dry skin and allergies affect daily life of more and more people. Here BIOTURM offers the appropriate basic care: The Ointment for dry skin No.1 suitable for all who are suffering from stressed and irritated skin. It can be applied to different areas of the body like face, hands, feet, legs, etc.

The contained urea improves the skin's moisture balance. Panthenol reduces itchiness and has anti-inflammatory properties. The lacto-intensive active complex is the principal ingredient which has a normalizing effect on the skin flora and the protective acid mantle. Precious vegetable oils provide suppleness, feeling of tension subsides and scaly skin is regenerated.

Our Ointment for dry skin No.1 is unscented and very well tolerated by the skin, thus it is also highly recommended for allergic people.

Naturkosmetik Ointment for dry skin No.1

10,95 € *

50 ml
21,90 € / 100 ml

Naturkosmetik Ointment for dry skin No.1

26,95 € *

150 ml
17,97 € / 100 ml

Naturkosmetik Ointment for dry skin No.1

0,95 € *

5 ml Sachet
19,00 € / 100 ml

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