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Pilgeröl ® - Pilgrim oil

7 herbs, 7 oils - a complete care concept - not only for pilgrims!

No matter how far the distance you would like to walk is, going on a pilgrimage always means a particular challenge for body and mind needing very special intensive preparation. Hiking or pilgrimage tours of several days are also a physical challenge because nowadays people are not used to walk and carrying loads at the same time. Help needing not much space and of low weight but offering the highest effect is useful here.

The combination of high-quality oils and traditional healing herbs has a calming effect and stimulates metabolism - with our pilgrim oil you have the complete care program in one product: Irritations subside, tensions are relaxed. After excessive sport activities our Pilgrim oil improves heavily stressed parts of the body like shoulder, back, legs or feet. It is also a great help for shorter walking distances and relaxes on the way.

As preventive care the Pilgrim oil provides for a smoother skin and avoids blisters.

Tip: Also suitable as massage oil for relaxation of the entire body.

The Pilgrim oil is closely associated with BIOTURM founder Martin Evers. The idea for this special product came to him on his first pilgrimage on the Way of St. James. After he had prepared his feet with it for the second pilgrimage from the Westerwald to Rome, he actually arrived at St. Peter's Square after more than 2,000 kilometres without blisters or problems and knew that he had found the recipe for a very special product which, on the one hand, is specifically designed for the long strains on the body during the pilgrimage, but, on the other hand, is also a great help for every shorter strain on foot.

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