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BIOTURM Active body line

If you are physically active, this has positive effects on your body and soul and on your circulatory system. Besides stretching before and after the workout, also a massage or thermotherapy reaching from cold to heat therapy in case of injuries is important.

During the massage, the muscle tone is increased, circulation is stimulated and waste products can be removed quickly. Trigger point massage loosens muscles, tendons and ligaments. Application of heat leads to a relaxation of the muscles and increasing the elasticity, the feeling of stiffness decreases. Cold is usually used in case of acute pain. Cold reduces the metabolism and thus reliefs from pain and reduces swelling.

Sport also has a positive effect on the skin. The blood circulation is stimulated, the skin is supplied with oxygen and therefore looks healthy and tight. Nevertheless, a few tips for skin care after sports should be considered. Athletes often take a shower twice a day which means stress for the skin. A quick shower with a mild gel wash protecting the skin's acid mantle is more than sufficient. After the shower, a light body lotion gives back missing moisture and lipids.

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