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The face is the first and most memorable part we are recognizing of our counterpart. Often one simple glance is sufficient to form an opinion about another person (even if this opinion is superficial). This is the reason why most of the people try to leave a good and healthy first impression. However, the right care is not only important superficially but should not be neglected - especially if the skin tends to be problematic. The right care is not only important for the physical appearance but helps to improve well-being of the people concerned. Reddened skin, itchiness, tensions and prickling are soothed.

Facial skin needs different care depending on the skin type and the skin condition. A balanced care is sufficient in case of normal or slightly dry skin; however in case of tense or itchy skin, what is often the case when the skin is dry or suffering from neurodermatitis, the skin's moisture and content of urea must be increased. The active ingredient urea helps to give back these missing substances.


Face cleansing

Naturkosmetik Make-up remover milk No.51

Make-up remover milk No.51

For easy but gentle removal of make-up and care of facial skin at the same time.


Naturkosmetik Face cleansing foam No.125

Face cleansing foam No.125

Mild face cleansing for normal or combination skin – with aloe vera and organic honey!

Naturkosmetik Face tonic No.46

Face tonic No.46

Stimulates and refreshes facial skin. With hyaluronan and aloe vera.

Face creams

Naturkosmetik Face cream 5 % urea No.7

Face cream 5 % urea No.7

The calming and relaxing care in case of dry, dehydrated skin and for therapy-related care in case of neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Naturkosmetik Face cream dry skin No.8

Face cream dry skin No.8

More rich care for all skin types. Calms and protects damaged skin.

Naturkosmetik Face cream anti-age No.44

Face cream anti-age No.44

Our regenerating anti-age face cream with the vegetable alternative to Q10.

Naturkosmetik Anti-redness face cream No.48

Anti-redness face cream No.48

Therapy-related care in case of rosacea and couperose. Calms stressed skin and soothes redness.

Naturkosmetik Face fluid MEN No.127

Face fluid MEN No.127

Moisturising and calming face fluid for sensitive male skin!

Lip care

Naturkosmetik Lip care REPAIR No.54

Lip care REPAIR No.54

Intensive care for dry, chapped lips with a lack of moisture.

Naturkosmetik Lip care PROTECTION No.55

Lip care PROTECTION No.55

Anhydrous weather protection to avoid dry and chappy lips.

Naturkosmetik Lip care ACUTE No.56

Lip care ACUTE No.56

Quick help in case of acute problems like prickling and tense lips. Prevents from blisters.

Eye care

Naturkosmetik Eye cream sensitive No.59

Eye cream sensitive No.59

For daily care of the eye area - with anti-aging effect. Also reduces crow's feet and bags under the eyes.

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