Unique natural shaving products with the lacto-intensive active complex made of organic whey

Shaving the legs or any other parts of the body is a very individual topic and depends on the growth of hair, but generally it’s mostly appreciated in our culture. Men frequently wear a beard with clearly shaved contours – often a little artwork which needs careful daily attention. In case of wet shaving, a good shaving cream or mousse helps to avoid razor burn and skin irritations right from the beginning. For intimate shaving, the shaving cream should be adapted to the pH value of the female intimate area so that the intimate flora is not damaged.

All BIOTURM shaving products contain the special lacto-intensive active complex made of natural, organic whey with its skin soothing and regenerating effect. The complex is combined with further precious ingredients and makes the skin tolerate the shaving procedure very well.

Tips for body shaving: If possible, take warm (not hot) water to open the pores, this helps to make the shaving more effective. Shave smaller areas against the grain to improve the result. Besides a good shaving cream, the regular change of razor blades protects against skin irritations since blunted razor blades irritate the skin additionally.

Naturkosmetik Intimate shaving cream No.24

Intimate shaving cream No.24

This mild shaving cream is perfectly adapted to the pH value of the intimate area due to the high content of lactic acid contained in the lacto-intensive active complex.

Naturkosmetik Body shaving cream No.88

Body shaving cream No.88

Suitable for men and women. The lacto-intensive active complex already cares for the skin while shaving and prevents from irritations and razor burn.

Naturkosmetik Shaving mousse MEN No.126

Shaving mousse MEN No.126

Skin soothing and perfume-free for gentle shave!

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