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SHAMPOO bar greasy hair No.132

Shampoo bars – soap-free and yielding with skin-neutral pH value!

Mild cleansing substances gently clean the hair and make it easier to comb. Zinc salt and red clay support normalisation of the scalp and thus decelerate regreasing. Birch and lemon refresh the hair.

The Shampoo bar greasy hair is very yielding and simply foams with sufficient water. The voluminous foam can be perfectly spread – even with longer hair. Rinsing with acid rinse is not necessary - in contrast to standard hair soaps.

Our shampoo bars are vegan. They are an excellent alternative for all who want to avoid plastic waste and thus to protect the environment. The product is climate-neutral - we support a forest protection project that aims to preserve one of last habitats for orangutans in Rimba Raya (Indonesia). The packaging is plastic-free, the bars are delivered in a recyclable box made of grass cardboard which reduces the use of wood.

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klimaneutrales Produkt

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