Natural cosmetics Bioturm - Silver line

Silver ointment No.33

Care for red and itchy skin.

We combine micro-silver with the proven active ingredient zinc and have thus created Silver Ointment No.33, a product that cares for and soothes damaged, chapped or itchy skin. Pure plant oils additionally supply the skin with high-quality lipids and moisture. Irritations subside, the skin calms down.

The ointment is applied locally to affected areas of the skin and reduces redness, provides lasting care and makes the skin supple again. Problematic skin gets what it needs to become healthy and stay healthy.

Due to the antibacterial effect of the silver, our Silver Ointment No. 33 also improves the appearance of young problem skin (impure skin / acne).

The silver we use is micro-silver which, due to its size, cannot penetrate the skin but remains on the skin and is washed off during the next cleansing. It is NOT nano-silver.

Natural cosmetics Silver ointment No.33 buy

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50 ml
29,90 € / 100 ml

Natural cosmetics Silver ointment No.33 buy

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150 ml
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Natural cosmetics Silver ointment No.33 buy

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16,67 € / 100 ml

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