Overview of vegan products by BIOTURM natural cosmetics

More and more people live consciously and healthily to increase their life expectancy and their well-being. A renunciation of meat - in whole or in part - is an important point for many of them. People who live vegan go one step further - nothing of what they consume should have animal ingredients or be of animal origin. This includes the consistent continuation in other areas of life outside of nutrition such as cosmetics.
BIOTURM supports this trend - we clearly mark our vegan products on the website with a green VEGAN button. The basis of our products from the medical line is organic whey, so of course these products cannot be vegan. But our colorful shampoo line, including conditioners and intensive hair treatment, is completely vegan. Our new styling products, which visually fit perfectly into the colorful design of the shampoos, are also vegan - except for the STYLING PASTE which gives the hair long-lasting structure by means of beeswax. In addition, we offer many more vegan products, for example our complete silver line or the fragrance line with body creams and shower gels.







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Skin cleansing Oat line
Body care Fragrance line
Face care Active body line
Hair care Foot care
Intimate care Natural ointments
Deodorants Oil-whey baths
Silver line Baby and child care


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