Warming emulsion No.50

Soothing treatment of strained muscles and joints.

Many troubles of the musculoskeletal system (e. g. tensions) can often be improved by heat. Our Warming emulsion No.50 helps in case of heavily strained muscles and joints. The effect is at first slightly cooling, after that lastingly warming and thus relaxing. The extracts of ginger and chili contained, have a warming effect on the skin and muscles and stimulate the metabolism together with arnica.

The result: A cream with a real warming effect helping in case of all troubles which can be improved by heat.

Please take note: There is a significant difference of the effect between our vegetable warming raw materials and the synthetic raw materials of conventional manufacturers. Whereas the synthetic active ingredients are mostly felt like evenly warming, there are considerable differences of feeling the spicy ginger and chili extract - it can vary from "no feeling of heat" to "permanent unconfortable feeling of heat". The receptors of the skin react on the vegetable extracts in a different way on one side, on the other side every person has an individual sensation of pain and heat.

The effectiveness of the Warming emulsion No.50 can be controlled by the quantity used. You should start with a small quantity to get a personal feeling of the effect. In case the effect is not sufficient (here you should wait for about 30 minutes), continue the application by using a bigger quantity. If the warming effect is too strong, a lipid enriched cream or skin oil help to eliminate the emulsion, it cannot be washed off by water. Sport activities or sauna after the application might reinforce the warming effect or sometimes let it revive the next day.

Naturkosmetik Warming emulsion No.50

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150 ml
13,27 € / 100 ml

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