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Family shampoo & shower gel no.20

Cleans skin and hair of grown-ups and children, a product for all family members.

The Family shampoo & shower gel No.20 offers proven BIOTURM quality for the whole family. Mild cleaning for skin and hair is combined, so that only one product is needed for hair washing and showering.

The special lacto-intensive active complex with its skin-like ingredients already protects and takes care of the skin while washing. A special wheat protein repairs damaged hair structures; inulin additionally provides intensive moisture.

Tip: Also suitable as a mild bath additive.

Areas of application:

For hair and body of small children and adults. Also ideal as bath additive.


Apply to wet hair or skin, rub in gently and rinse thoroughly. Suitable for daily hair washing.
Aqua, Coco-Glucoside, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Whey*, Inulin, Lactic Acid, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Parfum, Linalool

* from controlled organic cultivation
free of synthetic dyes, PEG, paraffin oil

Hair type: normal hair
Skin type: normal skin
Vegan: no (contains lacto-intensive active-complex from organic whey)
Characteristics: alcohol-free , silicon-free
Certification: BDIH

Further suggestions

plastic free
climate neutral
Cleansing bar soap-free 2 in 1 no.131
Soap-free and mild cleansing for hair and skin combined in a yielding 2 in 1 cleansing bar. The Cleansing bar soap-free 2 in 1 no.131 simply foams with sufficient water. The voluminous foam can be perfectly spread – even with longer hair. Organic almond milk and the lacto-intensiv active complex protect and care for the skin already while washing. The hair becomes supple and easy to comb. Our soap-free cleansing bars are an excellent alternative for all who want to avoid plastic waste and thus to protect the environment. They are delivered in a recyclable box made of grass cardboard which can reduce the use of wood. The bars are perfect for travel and sports and are a sustainable alternative to small size products.  All CO2 emissions that occur during production are compensated by international climate protection projects. Areas of application: For daily, soap-free and gentle cleansing of hair and skin, especially for sensitive skin. Application: Make the bar foam with sufficient water. Apply to wet skin and hair and massage in lightly, then rinse thoroughly. No need for acid rinse. Allow the bar to dry after use.

Content: 100 g (€99.50* / 1 kilogram)

Hand wash foam no.11
Mild washing foam for the hands.Mild cleaning agents on vegetable sugar basis in the Hand wash foam no.11 take care of gentle cleaning, also in case of frequent hand washing. Vegetable relipidizing agents and the lacto-intensive active complex protect and care so that skin is prevented from drying out.The pump in the high-yield dispenser creates a voluminous, delicate foam for perfect hand cleansing.Areas of application: For hand washing. Does not dry out the skin even in case of frequent use. Application: Apply foam to wet hands and wash as usual. Soap formulation is very yielding: pumping once is sufficient to wash the hands.

Content: 250 ml (€35.80* / 1 litre)

Hydrating lotion no.2
Content: 200 ml
Light lotion with urea and panthenol for dry skin with a lack of moisture. The Hydrating lotion no.2 is absorbed quickly and has a regenerating and calming effect. Urea, a natural element of the skin, provides for the necessary moisture; panthenol regenerates the skin. Our lacto-intensive active complex normalises additionally. The lotion - which is particularly used in therapy-related care of neurodermatitis and psoriasis as well as for dry skin - also contains natural oils leaving the skin supple. Redness and irritations are soothed, scaly skin optic and tense feeling subside.Areas of application: Dry and stressed skin with a lack of moisture and therapy-related care in case of neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Coarse skin, age-related skin problems, dryness due to weather conditions as well as general skin care for babies and children. Application: Apply daily either on smaller or larger skin areas.

Content: 200 ml (€89.75* / 1 litre)

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