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BIOTURM natural cosmetics - always by your side for more than 20 years

Since 2001, we have expanded our expertise in effective cleaning and care products for various skin types and skin issues. Our product range now includes more than 160 articles: basic products for daily cleansing and care of irritated skin, preventative care for sensitive skin, some unique niche products for very special areas of application as well as natural cosmetics for everyday care of normal skin. We now sell our products in 36 countries on three continents. We have summarised the most important milestones since the foundation of the company:

2001 - Foundation

The organic pioneers Martin and Karin Evers founded BIOTURM after they had already been active in the organic food sector with their own organic shop and later with their own brand „Martin Evers Naturkost“. The name BIOTURM was inspired by the historic water tower in Marienrachdorf, which stands on the original company grounds in the home region called Westerwald. The tower became a symbol of the company‘s philosophy, representing vision, stability and protection. The combination of BIO (organic) and TURM (tower) resulted in the brand name BIOTURM. Both elements of the name are important, of course the word "Bio" as an association with certified natural cosmetics, but also the tower with its powerful symbolism.

During his years in the organic food sector, Martin made tests and experiments, and he quickly noticed the particularly skin-friendly ingredients and properties of organic whey. It contains organic ingredients that can also be found on healthy skin. The subsequently developed natural cosmetic products with the lacto-intensive active complex from organic whey are very well tolerated by the skin and give irritated skin what it needs to become and remain healthy.

2002 - First products

Everything began with these first products based on the lacto-intensive active complex: Ointment for dry skin No.1, Hydrating lotion No.2 and Lipid lotion No.3 were the very first products. It soon became obvious that these products are extremely skin-friendly, become very popular among people with skin problems and provide a long-term improvement of irritated skin. The lacto-intensive active complex is still the effective basis for a large number of our products. Until today, they have proven their worth and are successfully used for therapy-related care in cases of neurodermatitis, psoriasis and dry / very dry skin.

Ointment for dry skin No.1

Hydrating lotion No.2

Lipid lotion No.3

2007 - First product certifications

Very early, we were aware of the need for a reliable seal with clear standards for the consumer. In the BDIH (member since 2005) and later COSMOS (association of BDIH and four other European certifiers), we found a partner that transparently illustrates his standards and continuously checks and certifies our compliance with their given rules for natural cosmetics.

2014 - Certification of urea products as natural cosmetics

Our first three products contained and still contain the ingredient urea. We quickly realised that the combination of the moisturiser urea and our lacto-intensive active complex has an extraordinary and unique skin-soothing effect and enormously improves the well-being of our customers with problematic skin.
Urea is not accepted by BDIH because it has to be produced synthetically and cannot be obtained from natural sources. However - due to its good effect and the very positive feedback from our customers - we fought for its use in our products and were able to have our urea products certified by the Italian company ICEA in 2014 and additionally by the newly created standard NatureThanx in 2018.

2015 and 2022 - Jasmin and Laura included in management

Martin's visions and Karin's reliable companionship have made BIOTURM what it is today. However, both of them give enough space to the next generation so that their children gradually take the reins and continue to develop the founding concept.

Jasmin was included in the management in 2015 after completing her pharmacy studies, Laura followed in 2022.

The task to preserve traditions but also to shape new ways was given to Laura and Jasmin by their parents. Both even strengthen the idea of environmental protection and sustainability and restructure the company accordingly in their daily work.

2015 - Own organic beekeeping and cultivation of own raw materials

The passionate running of a small beekeeping business is not only a hobby for Martin and Felix, but the high-quality organic honey is even used as precious ingredient in several BIOTURM products. The aim is to support the pollination of regional plants as well as to research and make visible the positive effects that bee pollination has on the local ecosystem. We want to to preserve the biodiversity by pollinating the various closely related plants and medicinal herbs on the company's premises and thus make a positive contribution to the local flora and fauna.

Sunflowers and various medicinal herbs were cultivated on the company premises from high-quality organic seeds, and the agricultural land was certified organic in 2016. Tests were carried out to use our own plants or products from them (e. g. sunflower oil) in our products. The aim is to meet our special demands for consistent quality and thus to further strengthen the regionality of our products.

2018 - Start of partnership with Climate Partners

Since 2018, we have been supporting international environmental projects in order to compensate the emission of CO2 which is generated by our company. This includes, for example, heating and electricity, business-related driving of all employees (especially ways to work), all vehicles, all business trips and printed matters. Our competent and certified partner in compensation is the company Climate partner.

2020 - First plastic-free solid bars

The topic of packaging is important but also difficult – there is not one simple solution which can meet all requirements. In this context, we really appreciate the good development of our solid bars. They are an excellent plastic-free alternative to liquid products and have convinced with their high quality right from the start. Together with our customers, we can make a great contribution to the reduction of plastic waste with the bars and thus protect the environment.

2020 - First products with financial climate contribution

The CO2 emissions which are generated by the production of our solid bars launched in the year 2020 as well as all novelties launched since 2021 are compensated by means of a financial climate contribution. We consider e. g. the procurement and transport of raw materials, the production itself and the shipping to consumers and retailers. With this measure, we support national and international environmental projects.

2021 - Anniversary 20 years of BIOTURM

We are proud of our anniversary and look back on 20 successful and happy years in which our team has grown and our product range has expanded enormously. The positive feedback from our customers gives us the power to develop further great natural cosmetic products and to make everyday life easier for our customers with problematic skin.

2023 - Move to the new company building

After the beginnings in a private house near the water tower and after more than 15 years in rented premises in the neighbouring district, the new modern building was completed in 2023 and BIOTURM was thus able to return to the place where it was founded. The new site was built according to ecological principles in timber construction by a regional company and gives our company a sustainable home as an energy-efficient house with brine geothermal heating and a photovoltaic system.

The new building offers 930 square metres of office space on two floors for administration and more than a thousand square metres of storage space with a modern high-bay warehouse for our products. Martin and Karin founded BIOTURM in a wooden house, and now wood as a material takes us back to our origins: spruce and larch wood as building material as well as a good insulation made of wood wool and cellulose determine the eco-friendly character of the new building.