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The special feature of BIOTURM natural cosmetics

The special feature of BIOTURM products is the unique combination of the lacto-intensive active complex with high-quality plant oils and highly concentrated plant extracts. Careful research results in a harmonious connection between traditional knowledge about the healing powers of nature and findings of modern research.

The lacto-intensive active complex from organic whey contains biological components that can also be found on the skin. As the basis of most of our medical skin care products, it normalises the skin flora and the acid mantle. The natural lactic acid, essential amino acids, trace elements etc. are well absorbed by the skin and normalise the moisture content. Thanks to this unique combination in our products, dry / very dry and problematic skin gets what it needs to become healthy and stay healthy.

An overview of all ingredients used in our natural cosmetics is available in our dictionary of ingredients.

Special ingredients
Lacto-intensive active complex
Micro silver
Hyaluronic acid

Special plant oils and extracts
Aloe Vera
St. John's wort
Lime blossoms
Lotus flower
Evening primrose oil
Tiger grass