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Wash lotion face & body no.12

For soap free cleansing of face and body with skin-neutral pH value of 5.5.

Mild vegetable substances in the Wash lotion face & body no.12 gently clean the skin without soap. The special lacto-intensive active complex has a normalising effect and cares for the skin at the same time. The skin neutral pH value of 5.5 preserves the skin's acid mantle and has a considerably positive and regulating effect also in case of oily facial skin (puberty).

The dispenser of 300 ml is ideal to be used at the washbasin or in the shower. The bottle with 200 ml is convenient for sports and travelling.

Areas of application:

For daily soap-free cleansing (face, body and hands), especially for sensitive skin.


Apply to wet skin, rub in gently and rinse thoroughly.
Aqua, Coco-Glucoside, Glycerin, Whey*, Alcohol, Sodium Coco-Glucoside Tartrate, Decyl Glucoside, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia Fruit Oil, Glyceryl Oleate, Xanthan Gum, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Sodium Anisate, Sodium Levulinate, Benzoic Acid

* from controlled organic cultivation
free of synthetic dyes, PEG, paraffin oil

Skin type: blemished skin , combination skin , irritated skin , normal skin , oily skin , rosacea , sensitive skin
Vegan: no (contains lacto-intensive active-complex from organic whey)
Characteristics: gluten-free , sulfate-free
Certification: BDIH

Further suggestions

Hydrating lotion no.2
Content: 200 ml
Light lotion with urea and panthenol for dry skin with a lack of moisture. The Hydrating lotion no.2 is absorbed quickly and has a regenerating and calming effect. Urea, a natural element of the skin, provides for the necessary moisture; panthenol regenerates the skin. Our lacto-intensive active complex normalises additionally. The lotion - which is particularly used in therapy-related care of neurodermatitis and psoriasis as well as for dry skin - also contains natural oils leaving the skin supple. Redness and irritations are soothed, scaly skin optic and tense feeling subside.Areas of application: Dry and stressed skin with a lack of moisture and therapy-related care in case of neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Coarse skin, age-related skin problems, dryness due to weather conditions as well as general skin care for babies and children. Application: Apply daily either on smaller or larger skin areas.

Content: 200 ml (€89.75* / 1 litre)

Variants from €0.95*
Shampoo caffeine active no.106
Content: 200 ml
Coffein hoch drei für geschwächtes und dünner werdendes Haar. Natural caffeine strengthens the hair from the root. Extracts from guarana and green coffee have a stimulating and activating effect. Mild cleaning substances care of the hair and make it easier to comb.As a tribute to the different world's cultures, every shampoo package was decorated with another design of different ethnic origin. For the SHAMPOO caffein active we have chosen a unique pattern of a mola, a garment of the Kuno-Indios, Panama.Areas of application: For weak and thinning hair. Application: Suitable for daily use. Apply onto wet hair and massage in lightly, then rinse thoroughly.

Content: 200 ml (€32.45* / 1 litre)

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Silver deodorant intensive no.37
Scent: intensive
Effective against sweating - with delicate fragrance. Pure micro silver works naturally against odour-forming bacteria. A mixture of effective minerals (alum) additionally reduces sweating. The combination of these ingredients in our Silver deodorant INTENSIVE no.37 provides reliable freshness and a delicate fragrance and is particularly mild and gentle on the sensitive skin under the armpits. The deodorant roller is available in two other fragrances and alternatively as a deodorant spray.Areas of application: Recommended for heavy perspiration. In case of less perspiration, we recommend our Silver deodorant mild No.38. Application: Use several times daily if required on clean and dry skin.

Content: 50 ml (€199.00* / 1 litre)

Shampoo dry and scaly scalp no.15
Content: 200 ml
Mild cleansing of hair especially in case of dry scalp. A sebum production of the scalp which is disturbed often leads to dry scalp. The consequences are itchiness, flaky parts or small dry dandruff. This special skin problem might also occur as a secondary symptom for example in the case of neurodermatitis and psoriasis.The special lacto-intensive active complex in the Shampoo dry and scaly scalp no.15 helps to regenerate and calm the scalp so that itchiness is reduced. Vegetable moisturizing agents take care of the scalp and provide lipids. Mild washing active substances gently clean the hair and give volume without drying out the skin.Tip: For ideal additional care of dry scalp, we recommend the Serum for dry and scaly scalp No.5 after hair washing. In addition, the combination of shampoo and serum  also calms the scalp after dyeing!Areas of application: Shampoo for dry and itchy scalp with fine dry dandruff. Application: Apply to wet hair, massage in lightly and rinse thoroughly. Can be used daily. For longer hair, we additionally recommend Conditioner lotus effect No.18.

Content: 200 ml (€59.75* / 1 litre)

Variants from €0.95*